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Canadian families are struggling during these uncertain times and the NDP is holding our Provincial and Federal governments accountable. We are helping Canadian and Ontario families find answers and solutions to make ends meet, find affordable and reliable childcare, healthcare and sustainable solutions to environmental issues for future generations. To see how we are finding answers for you, follow the links below on some of these key issues to learn more.

Provincial Issues

Federal Issues


Day after day Ontario has failed to meet its own targets for COVID-19 testing, and the people who do manage to get tests are waiting far too long for their results.

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As businesses and the economy start re-opening, with child care providers having to reduce their capacity due to physical distancing measures and with schools closed and unlikely to return to full-time for students in the fall, investment in child care is more crucial than ever.
Yet, the Liberal government’s deal with the provinces misses the mark when it comes to funding for child care.
Parents can’t go back to work until they have a safe place to send their kids.
It’s simple, child care is fundamental to restarting our economy.

Tell Justin Trudeau and the Liberals: We need to stop treating child care like a “nice to have”, instead of a “must have”. It’s time to fund a universal child care program in Canada. Click here to add your name.


Ontario’s economy depends on small and medium-sized businesses, we must support these businesses during this global pandemic.

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People across the country are worried about the future. Flooding and forest fires are threatening our homes. Polluted air and water are hitting communities hard.

It’s time to fight climate change like we actually want to win. But the Liberals are just wasting time while they let the biggest polluters off the hook and give billions in subsidies to oil and gas companies. And while the Conservatives deny a problem even exists, families know we can’t waste any more time.

We can make different choices for our environment – and the future of our communities. We can transition to a clean energy, carbon-free economy while investing in workers and creating jobs. And we can make life more affordable for families with retrofits, electric transit, and zero-emission vehicles. Together, we can protect our air and water and become climate leaders.

Click here to add your name to support our commitment to climate action that creates jobs, saves you money, and protects our beautiful environment: 

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